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Ready for some serious team-building and fun? Check out’s Games Week 2023! This event has it all: friendly competition, exciting games, and lots of opportunities for bonding and collaboration. Read on to know more about the different games offered and the positive outcomes experienced by employees.’s Energizing Games Week 2023’s Games Week was an exciting event which sure got everyone in the company pumped up and engaged. 

The event was scheduled in the last week of April and featured a wide variety of games and activities for employees to participate in.

The types of games and activities offered during Games Week were diverse, ranging from traditional carrom games to foosball tournaments.

The event was designed to promote a fun and active work environment and to encourage employees to engage with each other in a positive and collaborative way. 

Also, it was a great opportunity for employees to unwind, socialize, showcase their skills, and form stronger connections with their colleagues, all while improving their physical and mental well-being. 

Let’s take a closer look at’s Games Week.

Games and Activities always plan and executes various activities and functions to promote a healthy work culture for their employees.

This time management decided to do something out of the box for the backend team. 

And after giving a lot of thought and discussion Games Week was born. 

Organisers including the seniors of the content department and training department came together and list out the games to be played in this games week.

Posters were made and word spread about the games week throughout the entire office. games week included various games for employees to participate in.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular games:

Carrom: Carrom is a classic tabletop game that’s easy to learn and fun to play. The objective of the game is to use a striker to shoot disks into the corner pockets of the board. Players can team up or compete against each other, making it a great way to bond with colleagues.

Chess: Chess is a timeless game of strategy that’s perfect for improving cognitive function and critical thinking skills. Players take turns moving their pieces around the board, trying to capture the opponent’s pieces and ultimately putting their king in checkmate.

Foosball: Foosball is a fast-paced tabletop game that simulates soccer. Two or four players can play at a time, controlling miniature players on rods that move side-to-side and kick a small ball towards the opponent’s goal. It’s a great game for improving hand-eye coordination and reflexes.

Each activity was led by an experienced facilitator who ensured that everyone had a fun and safe experience.

The games offered during’s Games Week were designed to be inclusive and accessible to everyone, regardless of their skill level or experience.

To give you a better idea of Games Week, we’ve included some photos and videos of the games and activities here. 

Whether an employee was a seasoned pro or a beginner, there was something for everyone at’s Games Week!

Teams and Competitors

For’s Games Week, teams were formed based on the departments. This allowed for fun and friendly competition between different departments and encouraged collaboration and teamwork within each team.

The team were named as follows:

  • Mighty Management
  • Content Warriors
  • Digital DareDevils
  • Admin Rangers 
  • Training Tigers
  • IT Giants
  • MIS Masters
  • Graphics Gurus
  • HR Titans
  • After Sales Aces
  • Accounts Avengers 
  • Home Loan Heros

Each team competed against each other in various games throughout the week, earning points based on their performance. 

The team with the most points at the end of the week was declared the winner.

Prize For Winning Teams And Games

To add to the excitement, there were Trophies, Medals, rewards and also individual prizes were given out for winning specific games or competitions.

The prize distribution ceremony took place on the last day of games week in the presence of the Business Operations Head of Pravin Daud.

Suraj Kadam From Content Warriors won the chess competition and Sagar Kadam from Account Avengers secured second place.

For the Carrom Tournament Content Warrior team defeated every department and won the Trophy. 

Training Tigers gave a tough competition but end up losing this game and secured the runner-up position. 

The most interesting game was the Foosball match, everyone’s excitement level was at its peak until the last goal.

And with the winning streak keeping alive Training Tigers won the Foosball match defeating Account Avengers.

Overall, the competition aspect of Games Week was designed to be friendly and fun, encouraging employees to work together and bond with their colleagues while also promoting healthy competition and a sense of achievement.

Success Stories’s Games Week was a huge success in terms of fostering positive outcomes among employees.

games weeks

One success story involved the backend team, which had never participated actively in any team-building activities before. The Games Week provided an opportunity for the team to come together and bond over various games and activities. 

As a result, team members felt more connected and invested in their work, which led to an improvement in their overall performance and productivity.

Another success story was everyone got to know colleagues from other departments, which were struggling before the Games Week. Through the various team-building activities, the backend team members were able to break down communication barriers and work more effectively as a team. 

Sanjay More from the IT department said, “I had such a blast during Games Week! It was great to see all the different departments come together and compete in various games and activities. I especially enjoyed playing carrom with my team and getting to know them outside of work. I feel like the Games Week really helped improve our team dynamics and communication, which has carried over into our work. It’s also great to see the company investing in team-building activities like this. It makes me feel valued and appreciated as an employee.

Khushbu Bafna from MIS commented, “I have to say, I was a bit sceptical about the Games Week at first. I’m not really a competitive person and I wasn’t sure how I would fit in. But I have to admit, I had so much fun! It was great to see everyone come together and bond over games and activities. I even discovered that I’m pretty good at carrom! More importantly, though, I feel like I got to know my colleagues better and built some great connections that I might not have otherwise. I think the Games Week was a really positive experience for everyone involved.”

Overall,’s Games Week had a significant impact on team dynamics and collaboration. By providing employees with an opportunity to bond over games and activities, they were able to build trust and improve communication, resulting in a more productive and efficient workplace. The positive outcomes from Games Week extended beyond the week itself, creating a long-lasting impact on the company culture and team dynamics.

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